Friday, June 11, 2010

waka waka...


sokong germany dlm world cup 2010

waka waka....

Germany!!!! Sokong germany dalam world cup..waka waka...Germany!!!! Sokong germany dalam world cup..waka waka...Germany!!!! Sokong germany dalam world cup..waka waka..Germany!!!! Sokong germany dalam world cup..waka waka..V

Friday, May 28, 2010

Eye migraine

migraine mata pon ade tau
eye migraines is also call as silent migraine

Eye migraines

Silent migraine or acephalgic migraine is migraine without the headache.
If this is you, you may be getting strange visual disturbances, usually lasting less than an hour, but no headache.

seksa dow..
tgk sumthing tp de bnde2 itam

so ble dpt migrain nie
nak ilang kan
de 1 solution je
iaitu tido..

sbb tu la
i jd seorg kaki tido...

Monday, January 11, 2010

make me believe


i'm always be the one and only

the ugly duckling


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Experience is sexy


because without experience, nobody wont believe u can do it.

that why experience is sexy.



byk2 thn, dis year is unlucky year for me...mcm2 benda happen to me..i told my dad yg thn nie malang bg i, tp die ckp tu sume kebetulan.
1.demam denggi
. almost 1week terlantar.berat bdn pon giler down dr 45kg to 40kg.dr cnie la ak dpt tau yg ak de low bp. kena amik drh,kena wat msk air tiap2 ari.actually, sume ahli umah 111 blok 51 got this fever. i'm the last one got this fever. myb telampau action kot,konon2 antibiotic kuat la.last2 kena jgk.nsb baik my parent dtg jage.thanks ma,aboh,atin,baby for jage sye.
2. study problem.mmg giler stress klu da smpai final year.dgn robot buat hal nyer.sanggup pg tanjung malim berulang alik every week just blajar buat programing.
3. berkenalan ngan en neo kcf **** blck.
from now, i hate kete neo kaler itam titik
4. suspect H1N1.

5. my favourite levis gone. truly madly deeply advise, dun send your cloth to unfimiliar doby.
6. electric shock.
7.skit mate.
1st kena skit mate. atin, mekasih ye. well, dlu time ddk asrama, giler nak skit mate.ble da skit, leh blk umah seminggu. tp skng, mintak jauh la.nie 1st and nie last skit mate.amin.

i dun think it kebetulan...

Truly miss deeply

17th dec 2007

almost 2 years
my lovely laptop gone

i'm truly miss u~~~

Thursday, November 26, 2009


new moon today~~~

jap lg nak g tgk
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